Falkirk FC Women have withdrawn from the league

Key League/Scottish Cup Dates:

League Cup:

Preliminary Round: 17th February
Round 1: 3rd March
Round 2: 24th March
Quarter Finals: 7th April

Semi-Finals: 5th May
Final: Wednesday 29th May


Scottish Cup - Premier enter Round 3

Preliminary Round: 28th April

Round 1: 2nd June

Round 2: 30th June

Round 3: 11th August

Round 4: 25th August

Quarter Finals: 15th September

Semi-Finals 13th October

Final: 24th November

Key International/#UWCL Dates:


14th - 22nd January: #SWNT International
1st - 7th February: #WU17 International Friendly Tournament Spain
12th February - 19th February: #WU16 International Development Tournament
25th February - 6th March: #SWNT Algarve Cup

18th - 26th March - UEFA #WU17s Elite Round Group 4
1st - 9th April: International 
24th May - 7th July: Women's World Cup
15th July - 28th July: #WU19s Finals
7th August - 13th August: #UWCL
26th August - 3rd September: International​​​
11th/12th September: #UWCL​
25th/26th September: #UWCL
30th September - 8th October: International
16th/17th October: #UWCL
30th/31st October: #UWCL
4th November - 12th November: International

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