Caitlyn's journey...

For those following Caitlyn's journey, here's an update.

She’s had her surgery now which involved her having almost half her colon and a large section of her small bowel removed.

This was done using keyhole surgery to keep scarring to minimum but it is still invasive, major surgery.

She’s now going through a lengthy and difficult recovery which is currently leaving her in a great deal of pain and causing her to feel and be sick. She is however, still smiling.

She is still determined that although she will be at least 2-3 months before she can return to any physical activity, she will continue doing what she does best; she’s trying to keep that smile firmly on her face, no matter how difficult.

Caitlyn was totally shell shocked today when Amy McDonald of Rangers Football Club and Broxi Bear arrived to show her their support and goodness did that make her smile. Whilst she is in lots of pain and faces a long recovery, this was definitely an amazing surprise and experience.

Caitlyn’s battle with Crohns Disease is far from over; it is a lifetime diagnosis and there is no cure however, we know Caitlyn will not let this win or beat her and she will continue to set an amazing example to anyone else going through this or any other debilitating illness.

You are a truly amazing and inspirational young woman! Today is Caitlyn’s 15th Birthday join us in wishing her well and we hope she has a great day .