SWFL League Champions, Promotion and more

What a fantastic weekend for Women's football in Scotland.

Congratulations to each and every player, team and club who won promotion this weekend and good luck on your moves to SWFL 1 and SWPL 2 next season.

SWFL 2 West

Top of the table Ayr United Ladies faced 2nd place Kilmarnock 23s with only 1 point separating the teams in this end of season final league match.

Ayr United Ladies 5 v 1 Kilmarnock 23s.

Ayr United Ladies will move to SWFL 1 next season.

Runners up: Kilmarnock 23s

SWFL 2 East

Kelty Hearts CC won promotion a couple of weeks back and finished the league 8 points clear of rivals Spartans Development.

Kelty Hearts CC will move to SWFL 1 next season.

Runners up: Spartans FC Development

SWFL 2 Central

This league could be decided on Thursday 25th October

League leaders Airdrie Ladies FC will play away to 2nd place Glasgow City FC Development in what is sure to be a fantastic top of the table match.

Airdrie sit just 1 point ahead of Glasgow City Development going into this match and each team has 1 more league fixture to play on Sunday 28th October.

SWFL 2 North

This was yet another cracking top of the table clash in the final game of the season.

Both Stonehaven Ladies and Montrose Ladies went into the final match not only tied on goal difference but points as well.

Stonehaven 1 v 2 Montrose was the final outcome of the match and win promotion to SWFL 1 next season.

Runners up: Stonehaven Ladies

SWFL 1 North

Like most of the leagues this season once again this was a very close top of the table winner takes all league.

Dundee United and East Fife Women went into their final league matches with just 2 points separating them and both needing the win to secure the league title.

Dundee United 7 v 2 Cove Rangers was enough to secure the title as East Fife drew 2 v 2 with Dunfermline Athletic.

Dundee United win promotion to SWPL 2 next season.

Runners up: East Fife Women

SWFL 1 South

With the top 2 teams being unable to win promotion to SWPL2 the battle for promotion fell to 3rd place Thistle Weir and 4th place Queen's Park LFC.

1st place Hibernian 23s sat 3 points ahead of 2nd place Celtic Academy going into the final league matches of the season both looking for that win to secure the title.

Hibernian 23s did just that winning 7 v 0 at home to Rangers Development, while Celtic Academy lost 3 v 1 away to Westerlands Ladies,

With Hibernian 23s having a team already in SWPL1 they are not permitted to advance into SWPL2.

League Winners 2018: Hibernian 23s

Runners up: Celtic Academy

Thistle Weir Ladies FC sitting 3rd and Queen's Park Ladies FC sitting 4th again with only 1 point separating the teams both went into their final league matches needing a win to seal promotion,

Thistle Weir defeated Blackburn 6 v 0 while at the same kick off time Queen' Park defeated Cumbernauld Colts 5 v 2.

Thistle Weir Ladies FC win promotion to SWPL 2 next season.

Runners up: Queen's Park Ladies FC

Relegation to SWFL 2:

SWFL 1 South: Morton & Falkirk FC

SWFL 1 North: Dee Ladies & Stirling University Development

Image Credits: Ayr United FC, Kelty Hearts CC, Montrose Ladies FC, Dundee United WFC, Hibernian Girls Academy &

Tommy Taylor Photography