Scottish Cup QF Results

Spartans 3 v 1 Celtic

Spartans: 2 McDonald Nguah, Johnstone / Celtic: Girard

Edinburgh University Hutchison Vale 0 v 11 Hibernian

6' OG, 8', 34' Davidson, 13', 17' McLauchlan, 32' Hunter, 39' Harrison, 50' Michie, 63' Tweedie, 71' Robertson, 78' Napier

Renfrew Ladies 0 v 11 Glasgow City FC

Lauder 24', 37', Kulis 29', 32', Howat 40', 73', McLintock 48', Stewart 53', 57' , Ivanusa 70', Love 76'

St Johnstone 0 v 1 Motherwell FC

10' Burns

Celtic Manager Eddie Wolecki Black said:

“Obviously we are all very disappointed, not only in the manner of defeat but also the performance.

We gave ourselves an uphill battle by losing an early goal which not only dented our confidence but also gave the hosts a boost.“Sadly for us, the game was lost in both boxes as we failed to capitalise upon our chances and made basic defensive errors at the other end.

This combination usually leads to the inevitable outcome.

I know the players are very disappointed and, like me, know we have missed an opportunity to progress further in the Scottish Cup.”

Glasgow City FC boss Scott Booth said:

“It is great to get through to the semi-finals of the Scottish Cup especially considering the amount of games and what has been at stake for us in recent weeks.

The players have really stayed focused and determined to win matches, but at the same time, perform well.

I thought we created some fantastic opportunities for ourselves today and I have got to be happy with the overall performance and result.”

Edinburgh University Hutchison Vale Head Coach Mike Ross said:

"Congratulations to Hibs for progressing to the semi finals. It was going to be tough today when you have players who will be or are trying to get into Scotland's World Cup squad against some players who have limited SWPL experience.

Hibs are a top team in Scotland and they showed that today by punishing us several times.

We had a game plan we had worked on but that changed pretty early to plan B but even that wasn't fully put into practice and we struggled to cope with their various dangers.

We weren't allowed time on the ball which led us to giving up a lot of energy and even when we did have it we often gave it away too quickly.

It was a good lesson for the players today but our attention turns to our main priority which is moving up the league table.

Thanks to all those helped off the pitch today, it was good to have the support and make it an occasion which saw a record crowd for the team.

We look forward to next Sunday as we travel to play Central in our final away game of the season".