East Fife Women & Girls' thrift shop

This week we went along to the annual East Fife Women & Girls' thrift shop to see what it’s all about.

On arriving it was evident that a lot of hard work had gone into the collecting of the donations and the setting up of the shop.

The shop is set up in Methil in Fife. A coastal town on the river Forth. The customers' are local, the prices are amazingly low, but the constant stream of people bring in donations and then buying before they left was never ending. The heart of this community was displayed through their kindness and their humour. Catering for both young and old items from toys to clothing and even a kitchen sink or two.

I asked the club manager Liz Anderson why she choose to rent the shop in this area and would she not be better in a bigger town on a high street.

Liz said “The thrift shop is about the community here in Fife. We have provided the shop for many years and it helps us to connect with the local people and provide help when they need it at the same time.

From a friendly face to a wee bit of banter we make sure everyone who comes in leaves smiling. None of it would be possible if it were not for our players and parents donating and the volunteers who work in the shop.“

I was lucky enough to get to spend some time with some of the Volunteers while they were working hard in the shop. The one who kept me laughing all the time was Marion Anderson (Lizzie's mother) she is a star honestly enjoyed the company and so did the customers.

Then there was Kerry Walker and Sam Pattison both from the first team. It was great to get to know them as they both gave up their day off to be at the shop.

The quote of the day goes to Sam when I asked her why she was helping at the shop she said “East Fife’s more than just football it's Family “

On my way out the door a customer came to me and said” Tell them thanks for the bargains and the deals .My husband has just finished setting up a football goal in the back garden for the grandkids. Thanks to the shop we now have lots for them to do when they come to our house”

There was a load of other club family, officials, parents and kids supporting the venture and it was obvious that they all considered the club and community to be family.