15s SE League Cup Semi-Final Results:

Congratulations to Lanarkshire Hibs and Musselburgh Windsor on reaching the SE League Cup Finals, which will be held on Sunday 10th June at Ainslie Park, Edinburgh. The kick off time has yet to be confirmed.

Here are the match results each team got on the road to the finals:


Lanarkshire Hibs 3 v 0 Blackburn United

Hutchison Vale 0 v 5 Musselburgh Windsor

Quarter Finals

Lanarkshire Hibs 9 v 0 Spartans

Musselburgh Windsor 2 v 2 Hibernian Development * Windsor won 3 v 1 on penalties*

Round 1

Blackburn Athletic Colts 0 v 6 Lanarkshire Hibs

East Lothian Ravens 0 v 3 Musselburgh Windsor