SE Proposed Youth League splits...


Kim Little 10 Teams Performance League

Blackhall Athletic Hearts Maroons Bonnyrigg Rose Hibernian Boroughmuir Thistle Purples Hutchison Vale Broxburn Athletic Musselburgh Windsor Hearts Whites Spartans Whites

Lizzie Arnot 10 Teams

Blackburn United Hibernian 13s Development Boroughmuir Thistle Whites Linlithgow Rose Cockenzie Star Loanhead Edinburgh South Murieston United Haddington Angels Penicuik

Hayley Lauder 7 Teams

Boroughmuir Thistle Violets North Berwick Dalkeith Thistle Spartans Reds Hutchison Vale Blacks Tranent Colts (New Team) Murieston United 11s (New Team)

Given the changes to these leagues, all teams will start with zero points. All teams will play each other once, feasibility for addition fixtures for the Hayley Lauder League will be looked at.


Frankie Brown Performance League

Blackburn Hibernian Boroughmuir Thistle Purples Hibernian Development Broxburn Athletic Colts Hutchison Vale Hearts Murieston United Hearts Development Musselburgh Windsor

Kirsty Smith

Bonnyrigg Rose Linlithgow Rose Boroughmuir Thistle Jags Penicuik Athletic Boroughmuir Thistle Jags Spartans Broxburn Athletic Colts Development

Previous points will still stand, new teams will join leagues with zero points and fit into existing league.



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