#WU19 EURO elite round 2016/17 draw....

#WU19EURO elite round 2016/17 draw: Group 4:

Finland, Republic of Ireland, Scotland, Ukraine

Matches will take place 4th - 9th April 2017

Venues & times tbc

Hosts: Republic of Ireland

Full draw:

Group 1 (26–31 May) Spain, Belgium, Hungary, Russia

Hosts: Hungary

Group 2 (5–10 April): England, Czech Republic, Denmark, Turkey

Hosts: Turkey

Group 3 (6–11 April): France (holders), Netherlands, Slovenia, Portugal

Hosts: Netherlands

Group 4 (4–9 April) Finland, Republic of Ireland, SCOTLAND, Ukraine

Hosts: Republic of Ireland

Group 5 (5–10 April) Serbia, Sweden, Norway, Italy

Hosts: Norway

Group 6 (7–12 June) Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Iceland

Hosts: Germany

Picture: @UEFAWomensEURO