WU19 Training Camp

The following players have been selected to attend a National Training Camp 26th - 28th July 2016

Player Selection

Goalkeepers Erin Clachers - Glasgow City FC Rebecca Flaherty - Aberdeen LFC Laura Hamilton - Rangers LFC Frances Kitching - Chelsea LFC Defenders Chantelle Brown - Rangers LFC Murron Cunningham - Glasgow City FC Ellis Dalgliesh - Celtic FC Lauren Doran-Barr - Rangers LFC Kirsty Fraser - Glasgow City FC Jordan McLintock - Rangers LFC Donna Paterson - Aberdeen LFC Courtney Whyte - Celtic FC Midfielders Claire Adams - Rangers LFC Chelsea Cornet - Hibernian LFC Erin Cuthbert - Glasgow City FC Amy Gallacher - Forfar Farmington LFC Brogan Hay - Glasgow City FC Samantha Kerr - Glasgow City FC Cailin Michie - Hibernian LFC Ellis Notley - Hibernian LFC Caitlin Russell - Hibernian LFC Forwards Carla Boyce - Glasgow City FC Lauren Gordon - Aberdeen LFC Kirsty Hanson - Sheffield LFC Shannon McGregor - Aberdeen LFC

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