Jax McManus

How did you get involved with the work you do for Jax Mc Media?

I previously worked with Tommy Poneskis way back for another Social Media network and when asked I didn't hesitate in saying yes I would come on board as a volunteer to help promote the Women & Girl's game in Scotland.

What tools do you find most helpful for getting scores or news stories?

Twitter, FB and the web are the places to go for information. I would say Twitter is the best at covering 80% of the Women & Girl's teams in Scotland.

Currently being very active in social media I follow every team across Scotland to keep up to date with everything going on from the 7s - seniors. I've built a good following over the years by doing this and have made a lot of very good friends who in turn send in their reports, results & stories on a regular basis.

What is your interest in seeing the Women & Girl's game grow in Scotland?

As a parent of 3 women footballers I have for over 18 years had an interest in the Women & Girl's game. I care about the Girl's being treated properly and their well being, I care about their being fair coverage for all teams across the board and most of all I care about the growth of the game in Scotland for all age groups not just the seniors.

Who is your favourite player and why?

In the 18 years I've helped, watched and done social media on the Women & Girl's game I honestly do not have a favourite player. There is so much talent out there, and it would be unfair to name someone individually when currently I could probably name dozens of players from 13s - seniors who I personally think stand out and could go all the way to the top so for me every Women and Girl deserves the chance to play and enjoy football in this country and every player is a favourite for me.

Who in the Scottish Woman's game helps inspire you?

Any person, player or Coach who puts the players ahead of their own gains. Who looks after and treats every player equally and treats all with respect. Who picks them up when their feeling down, who teaches them skills and improves every player no matter what and shows them football is more than just a game or a win.

What is your hobby outside football reporting?

Oh now that's a hard one lol. I'm 24/7 social media. On call and answering DM's and EM's from 8am - sometimes 3am my phone is never off as I volunteer/work on several social media networks across the board and all to do with Women & Girl's football. I go to watch various games across the board from 13s - seniors as much as I can and other than this I enjoy cooking and walking the dog.

What is your favourite meal and why?

This is a hard one as my choice of food is very limited .  I suppose I would have to say seafood pasta or vegetable risotto.

What’s the funniest thing ever to have happened to you at a football game ?

The funniest thing that has ever happened to me at a football match was a team asking if I was any good in goals as their keeper never showed up.
(And for those of you who have met Jax will know she is a bit vertically challenged lol)


Jax McManus has been with me since the start of this project and does a power of work for us and we don't let her know often enough how much we appreciate her .

Jax's main aim is to make sure every player, coach and team gets fair coverage when we are doing our news round ups and twitter and she isn't afraid to let us know what she thinks and as you can expect we value her opinions and help .

Thanks for your continued hard work for Scottish Women and Girls' football .

Tommy Poneskis aka The Gaffa 

Michael Windram


Once again the Jax Media team have posed a few questions for one of our Regular football Pundits, contributors and all round nice guy Michael Windram...


How did you get involved with the work you do for Jax Mc media?


A couple of years ago I stumbled onto a twitter feed from a young Lady called Jax ..I noticed in the description she had Supported of Women’s and Girls football and I requested to follow her ..it was the best thing I ever did. Since then we have chatted on Messenger some time into the wee small hours of the night /morning putting all the problems in Women’s and Girls football to right.

In the meantime, I followed in awe as she tweeted and Facebooked results virtually as the ref blew the final whistle, so I decided that I would help her out by sending her our results from our games and the twitter coverage exploded, after that Jax Mc Media was created so that everyone whether on social media or not would have the benefit of getting the results and news as it happened and not having to wait on other not so quickly updated sights.


What tools do you find most helpful for getting scores or news stories ?


I think like most people I scrambled around like a headless chicken looking on Twitter and Facebook for news stories and mainly results from other teams in our region and age groups wishing that clubs would post them as quickly and frequently as us. However now, there’s no need to go looking anywhere else for anything Scottish Women and Girls Football related as Jax Mc Media has it all as it happens and pretty much every one of our parents has access to the internet and the Jax Mc Media page and can look up results on the same day as the matches, making my life easier as I don’t get constant messages asking if I have heard how another team has got on ..and that’s thanks to Jax and all the volunteers she has under her wing .


What is your interest in seeing the woman's game grow in Scotland ?


As a coach at 13s, 15s and 17s team levels I have a vested interest in the well being of the Scottish Game as I want to see it grow to give more opportunities to not only the girls at our club but every club in Scotland. So they see a pathway and a chance to play football whether its in a recreational capacity or pushing to be an Elite player and one day play for their country.


Who is your favourite female player and why ?


My favourite female player is Rachel Harrison. Goalkeeper at Spartans Ladies. She like my daughter is a Goalkeeper and she has had a massive effect and influence as a role model to my daughter which says so much for the type of person she is as she always takes time out to encourage my daughter and push her on to better herself. Also, to see Rachel’s determination to ultimately fulfil her goals but still have time for young keepers coming through in the grassroots game.

Who in the Scottish woman's game helps inspire you ?


Wow these are tough ones ..Might be a strange answer and probably not many will know him however I believe those who do will know why I have chosen him ..the person that inspires me in the women’s game is Rab Taylor is my fellow coach and the commitment and dedication that he has shown in the last 8 years that I have worked with him in the Girls game has been an inspiration to me and as we continue to work together will continue to challenge each other and our girls ..We have such a great understanding with each other that the parents at the club refer to us as “Jack and Victor”


What is your hobby outside football reporting ?


Outside of football and reporting to Jax Mc Media I tend to spend most of my time coaching as I take 3 age groups 13s, 15s, and 17s and also the Windsor Goalkeeping Academy ..But now I have got involved in the Walking Football and with what time I have left I like to spend time with my family when I can and enjoy listening to music and catching a few Ladies SPL games.


What is your Local Team?


My local team is Musselburgh Windsor Fc I also support Rangers FC however haven’t been to any of their games in a while due to having games on Sat and Sundays …but at times over the last couple of years I think that’s been a blessing.


What's your favourite meal and why ?


My favourite meal would have to be a salad …ok if any of you know me and have seen me its not a Salad lol. It would have to be Chicken and Sweetcorn with fried rice from the local Chinese takeaway …it just melts in your mouth and give me that warm fuzzy feeling ,..Unlike the salad ..


What's been your proudest moment in your football coaching so far ?


Proudest moment in my football coaching career….there have been loads two spring to mind the girls winning the 1st Division League Championship this year would be up there more for the girls than me ..But from a personal point of view It has to be winning the National Grassroots Award for Volunteer of the Year in Women’s and Girls Football 2017.

I was so honoured to just be nominated for the award but to win it for the whole of Scotland was just an amazing achievement and to think that I was nominated by my fellow coaches ,peers and parents at our club is humbling. Standing up on the stage at Hampden being presented my award by Kenny Dalgleish was amazing and to think that I could have been joined by so many other coaches in the girls game that give up their time and work just as hard as me made it hit home just how special this award was and I’m proud to coach so many great girls at my club who want to learn and develop and If I can be part of that journey for them then I am proud to say I was there to help them and one day I hope they look back on their time at Musselburgh Windsor with fond memories …….



Michael Windram

Paul Johnston

WE at Jax Mc Media asked our Volunteer Paul Johnston a little more about himself and why he works so hard for us to bring you all news stories and scores. Here is what he had to say.


I don’t remember exactly how I got started with Jax Mc Media, it just sort of happened organically.


I do remember my daughter’s team were drawn at home to a team from another region in the Scottish Cup. I tried to do some research on them but I couldn’t find any scores or information on them, which was frustrating. I think I ended up getting in touch with the club themselves. As we got through the rounds and we played other teams from other areas I did more research on those areas and I ended up knowing a lot about the leagues and cups in other Scottish regions, as well as my own.


My daughter plays in Fife and I used to keep tabs on all the scores from her league and from there someone pointed me in the direction of the Jax Mc Media website. I was frustrated at the official website’s lack of scores and updates and I was impressed by the work Jax was doing.


The local SFA weekly circular was useful but it meant waiting a week for the scores. I built up contact with coaches and parents from other teams within our league and I was able, within an hour of games finishing, to text all the scores to all the contacts.


Usually I use Facebook and Twitter to collect scores from around the regions. You can discreetly contact clubs through private messaging in case they don’t want to post big defeats, which is understandable. Some of my new contacts send me there scores automatically, which is a great help.


Another great source of scores is the free Usqor app. Coaches or parents can post live updates during the games about their daughter’s match. Followers can get the updates straight to their phone. It’s great for parents/grandparents/friends who can’t make the matches. I now follow over 20 teams every weekend. I’ve tried to spread the word about the app. I’m not on commission though!!


Women’s football in Scotland is growing, especially in light of Scotland’s successful Euros campaign, but I do worry that despite the great numbers now playing the game it’ll be difficult to keep them all in the game, especially when during the teen/school years when other interests take hold.


While Elite players move upwards and onwards there’s a feeling that non-Elite players might be left behind. I’m also concerned that the women’s game is going the same way as the men’s game with a small selection of big name clubs dominating and small community clubs struggling while having their best players cherry-picked. You just have to look at the decrease in the number of league teams as they go from 13s to 15s to 17s.


I don’t really have a favourite women’s player because I don’t get to watch the women’s game as much as I’d like but I like players like Kim Little, Jane Ross and Gemma Fay who are great ambassadors for the game on and off the pitch. I go and watch Bayside Ladies when I can because they’re the nearest team to me.


There are so many inspirational people in the Scottish game, mostly unpaid volunteers who give their time and energy to girls’ football. Amanda at Lumphinnans Girls (formerly Cowdenbeath) worked wonders with her team. From heavy defeats last season to League Cup finalists and third in the Fife/Tayside Performance this season was a simply amazing transformation. Michael at Musselburgh Windsor is another great individual I met on our Scottish Cup travels. Also, Debbie at Bedlay and Kevin at Cumbernauld Colts. My daughter’s coaches David and Lynne have helped her improve a lot over the past three years, as well as the goalkeeping coaches, Mikey and Ryan of Couser’s Keepers, who I can’t speak highly enough of.


Outside of football I love music and quizzing. I’ve been on 22 TV and radio quiz shows, including Countdown, The Weakest Link and both versions of Fifteen to One. I also used to be a hospital/community radio presenter but I gave it up to spend more time helping my daughter with her football. Just call me Daddycabs!


I live in Fife and occasionally go and see the Pars but my family are all Hibees. I don’t get to see Hibs as much as I’d like mainly because I spend all my time watching girls football.


My favourite meal is my wife’s Roast Chicken with all the trimmings, especially on Christmas Day.


Paul Johnston

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